Just Like Jesus

biblical strategies for growing wellThroughout his earthly life Jesus grew increasingly reliant upon three spiritual resources. These same resources are available to you today. Just Like Jesus explores Jesus’ growth and humble reliance on: prayer, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. Change is possible, but only as you trust in the resources Jesus used. He walked where you walk so that you can learn to walk just like him.

The opening chapter examines Jesus’ prayer life. We learn to pray from the Master. Special attention is given to developing one’s own prayer pattern based upon the Lord’s instruction with his disciples (Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-4). The second chapter emphasizes essentials for growth through the Word. We are encouraged to: (1) study the Word for discovery; (2) apply the Word for change; (3) memorize the Word for instant retrieval. The final chapter looks at Jesus’ dependence on the Holy Spirit. Jesus was both full of and led by the Spirit. What does it mean for us to depend on the Spirit of God in the same way that Jesus did? There is a special emphasis given on what it means to walk in the Spirit. The final pages read like a how-to-manual; giving practical suggestions to implement what you have learned. Help is offered for: prayer patterns, Bible study and reading guides, Scripture memory and dependence on the Holy Spirit. Paperback, 73 pages.

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