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4M Training: a unique approach to spiritual growth for men

4M Training: a unique approach to spiritual growth for men

Biblical Strategies is excited to introduce 4M Training: a unique approach to spiritual growth for men. We encourage men to: Mature in their faith, Master key habits, Minister inside and out, and Mentor the next generation. This is done through a brief teaching video, guided small group discussion and accountability as the men develop the key habits of Bible reading, Scripture retrieval, prayer,Continue Reading

Faith On The Field Show

Faith On The Field Show

The danger of the subtle idol

You would think that a Christian shouldn’t struggle with idol worship, but the battle with the desires in my own heart tells me otherwise. The Bible describes the heart as the dwelling of our thoughts, emotions, and choices. There is a daily battle there, as to whether we will worship the true and living God or the godsContinue Reading

40% off resources during August

40% off resources during August

Our August sale is the perfect time to order the Biblical Strategies toolsets for your small group or adult classes for the fall. Through the month of August, all resources are 40% off. For a limited time, books that are regularly $7.99 are $4.79,and our toolsets that retail for $11.99 are now only $7.19. Go to make yourContinue Reading

Safe in the Storm

In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Hopeful passes over the final river without difficulty, while Christian fights to keep his head above water. Nevertheless, both reached their final destination. God is taking you on a journey. Your path may be darker than others’, but it is doable. Not because of your strength, but because of hisContinue Reading

Anxiety and the character of God

Anxiety is the natural result of doubting the character of God. This diagram helps you think properly about God’s character in relation to your well-being. God’s wisdom means he knows what is best for you; God’s power means he has the ability to accomplish what is best for you; God’s love means that he genuinelyContinue Reading

When your spiritual memory is selective

Taken from Dead-End Desire: biblical strategies for overcoming self-pity. Available at Christian retailers, and the biblical strategies website ( To overlook God’s awesome work in our past and develop a complaining spirit, we need only be selective in the way that we remember the past. We see this tendency in the Numbers 11 narrative:Continue Reading

Jesus was led by the Spirit

Jesus stepped out of his sandals and into the muddy Jordan. For the first time he noticed the weariness of his feet as the river drifted lazily over them. He had traveled south for three days to get to where the baptizer was working.  “I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness.Continue Reading

biblical strategies for growing well

For those of you who are kind enough to follow my blog or receive my emails I’m certain that an explanation is in order for my absence of communication for the past several months.  My writing efforts over the course of the summer have been directed to publishing a small book entitled: Just Like Jesus: biblical strategies for growingContinue Reading

Top 10 promises to memorize

Memorizing verses about the character of God and the nature of the gospel is an effective means to hold temptation at arm’s length. Temptation occurs at the “desire” level (James 1:14) so loving God more changes our desires. I have found the best way to do this is to get to know him better and to growContinue Reading