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If I’m hurting, how can I give thanks?

If I’m hurting, how can I give thanks?

I grew up in a church in rural Indiana. As a child I remember the uniqueness of the Sunday night before Thanksgiving. I remember that it was one of the few services that the pastor didn’t preach. Instead I vaguely remember two microphones down front, and that people would just get up and share whatContinue Reading

Why do I still have unmet desires?

“Why am I hungry, Mamma?” the little boy’s voice pierced the darkness. His mother sighed. “Yahweh has provided manna for us; it comes from God’s very hand.”  “But I’m tired of manna. It’s all we ever have, and it’s not very filling.” Again the mother’s sigh. “You sound just like your father, always wanting what you do not have.”Continue Reading

Living life from the center of the story

I’ve often wished I could crawl into H.G Well’s time machine. Perhaps you have too, but our bodies anchor us to the present. Moving back in the past or getting a peak at the future is only available in science fiction.  Yet while we are physically bound within the limitations of time, our thoughts, emotions,Continue Reading

Having the right attitude matters to God

A quick summary of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount will reveal that he contrasted the internal with the external. In essence his message was, “Just because everything appears right on the outside, is no assurance everything is right on the inside.” Jesus points out this truth by looking at three elements that are initially hiddenContinue Reading

What if your past was dark & your future darker…

The apostle Paul knew his past and he knew his future. His past was filled with regret, and his future would be filled with suffering. How’s that for a combination? He knew both of these to be true within moments of meeting Jesus. Notice the account in Acts: And falling to the ground he heardContinue Reading

Getting victory over anxiety – Part 4

This final principle may be the most essential of all when it comes to gaining victory over anxiety. I like to call Psalm 37 the “don’t worry Psalm.” Three times in Psalm 37 we are told not to worry (37:1, 7, 8). The New Living Translation captures the opening verses well. Don’t worry about theContinue Reading

Getting victory over anxiety — Part 3

There are certain things in this life which we can control, and others which God alone is to handle. For instance, while we are to control how we respond to others, we cannot control how they respond to us (Rom. 12:18).  We are to control how we react to authority, but we can’t control how they react toContinue Reading

Getting victory over anxiety — Part 2

When we choose to battle our anxiety we soon realize that it isn’t simply a battle with anxious feelings, but also with anxious thoughts. You will not see victory over the ingrained habits of worry without addressing the way you think (Phil. 4:8). I refer to this second principle as: change your mind, not your circumstances.Continue Reading

Getting Victory over Anxiety – Part 1

Anxiety. Most of us have felt it at one time or another: the fear of future events that may or may not come to pass. We’re nervous. We’re anxious. We worry. Jesus spoke about anxiety in his sermon on the mount. Six times he used the word anxious. Each time he encouraged us to trustContinue Reading

4 Ways God is at work whether you like it or not…

Way #1: God intentionally guides your steps by helping you recognize your ignorance. If we take the Bible at face value we immediately come to the conclusion that we don’t know as much as God. It was this understanding that caused Job to say he wouldn’t speak in God’s presence, only listen (Job 50:3-5). WhenContinue Reading