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Good questions for a new year

In my reading this morning I came upon a startling quote by Jim Elliot, who,  this week in 1956 was killed by the Auca indians when he was attempting to share the gospel with them. Knowing that his venture into the South American jungle was dangerous, he was reported to have said, “When it comes time toContinue Reading

Living life from the center of the story

I’ve often wished I could crawl into H.G Well’s time machine. Perhaps you have too, but our bodies anchor us to the present. Moving back in the past or getting a peak at the future is only available in science fiction.  Yet while we are physically bound within the limitations of time, our thoughts, emotions,Continue Reading

Lessons learned from the other side of the world

Yesterday I woke up further from home than I had ever been before. God had graciously provided for me the opportunity to teach for a week at a Bible School in South Korea. Jeju island is located off the coast of South Korea. The highest point of the island  is mount Halla, an extinct volcano thatContinue Reading

The benefit of waiting: Dependence

Next time you feel like you’ve waited long enough for God to do something, reflect upon the characters of the Bible. Author Joann Weaver is bold enough to say what many of us were thinking when we read these stories. Was it really necessary to leave Joseph rotting in an Egyptian prison cell for such anContinue Reading

Desiring God most of all

I enjoy reading the works of John Piper. In His book Desiring God he makes an especially excellent statement. Here it is: Saving faith is the heartfelt conviction not only that Christ is reliable, but also that He is desirable.  It is the confidence that He will come through with His promises, and that whatContinue Reading

Improving my listening by focusing my thoughts…

My mind has a tendency to wander. Perhaps yours does too. So when I silence my cell phone in a service I want to attempt to shut off my mental day-timer too. Letting the day’s events run through my mind is not conducive to hearing what God desires for me to learn. It often doesn’t feel likeContinue Reading

Listening and obeying

The Bible says a great deal about listening to God’s voice. When we read his Word we need to be attentive listeners. When we hear his Word taught we need to be asking “How can I change because of what I have heard?” Author Ken Ramey captures this truth well, Listening is hard work becauseContinue Reading

Questions for a New Year

Questions cause us to think.  Sometimes they cause us to evaluate our lives. In our fast-paced society we don’t seem to make enough time for either of those pastimes. We wonder who has time for thinking and evaluating when our days are an attempt to play catch up only to feel like we are fallingContinue Reading

Heaven is a real place…

As a pastor a portion of my life involves the home-going of our people. I mean by that their entrance into heaven. From a human perspective we think of death as the end. But for the Christian (the one who has placed their faith in Christ for salvation) death is spoken of as a beginning.Continue Reading

Gettin’ ready for Sunday on Saturday

I started reading a book by a good friend of mine last night. The book is by Ken Ramey and is entitled Expository Listening. In a section entitled: Anticipation: The Listener’s Responsibility Before the Word is Preached, my friend offers this helpful advice: Spend time reading and meditating on God’s Word every day (personal quietContinue Reading