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Jesus and the multitude

Jesus ministered to people groupings of various sizes. He interacted with the multitude, a small band of disciples, and then a select group of three disciples (Matt. 9:36; Luke 8:1; Mark 9:2). What might we learn from examining Jesus’ interaction with these various groups? There is no question that the multitudes were drawn to Jesus. WordContinue Reading

What angels must have thought…

You ever wonder if the angels might have been just a little confused about the Christmas events? Think about the message they were told to proclaim. Perhaps you remember hearing the message spoken by 8 year olds dressed in white with garland halos from Christmases–past. Here’s the angelic proclamation: Do not be afraid, for beholdContinue Reading

What the first Christmas might have been like

The mother’s scream ripped through the darkness.  She bit her lip, her body tense, her mind focused. The pain for this first-time mother was beyond anything she had anticipated. She tried to recite the verses she had learned as a child. “My heart rejoices in the Lord! The Lord has made me strong…There is noContinue Reading

Curious and Joyful…the story of Mary

Traveling isn’t recommended when you’re nine months pregnant. The airlines won’t take you. Your doctors will discourage it, and who would want to be that far away from medical care when your first contraction could be less than a minute away? Yet, there Mary was traveling 85 miles side-saddle on the back of a donkey,Continue Reading

Practical implications of the humanity of Jesus

Sometimes the simplest verses seem to be the hardest to live out. Consider this one, “Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked” (1 John 2:6). The Bible teaches that Jesus was fully God. But if your portrait of Jesus is void of his humanity, his teachingContinue Reading

And the Word became flesh

We are indebted to the Gospel of John for so much of our understanding of who Jesus Christ was and is. In the opening verses John refers to Jesus Christ as the Word. In John 1:1 he writes, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”Continue Reading

Just say “No” to Temptation with the Scripture

The best way to defend against the tempter’s lie is to know God’s truth. Jesus answered Satan’s temptations with specific scripture. To know your opponent’s modus operandi is essential in any field, but particularly for an NFL quarterback. Sportswriter Pete Prisco explains it best, “Watching film, or tape to be precise, is key to theContinue Reading

God dwelt among us

Reading through the book of Exodus recently I marveled again at the story. After the Israelites were released from Egypt, and crossed the Red Sea they began to travel in the wilderness. God speaks to Moses and a tabernacle is set up for Him. After the tabernacle is anointed, Moses steps back and God stepsContinue Reading

Jesus was right on time

I nearly missed the birth of our 4th child. Before you are too critical, please know that the supervising nurse had advised me to slip out and get some lunch – she thought it would be a long time. It wasn’t.  The fast-food service wasn’t all that fast, but my wife’s labor was, fortunately IContinue Reading