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3 Ways the Prayer Life of Jesus Could Help Shape Your Own

3 Ways the Prayer Life of Jesus Could Help Shape Your Own

You can read all that Jesus said on prayer in a few minutes. In twice that time, you can read all the Gospel accounts of Jesus praying. However, you will never tap the God-given resource of meaningful prayer in that amount of time. You will need to put in the hours that Jesus did asContinue Reading

Learning to pray like Jesus

Perhaps you’ve seen the picture of Jesus kneeling by a rock in the garden; hands folded, eyes turned upward, the perfect picture of serenity. The gospel writers paint a different picture; it doesn’t include serenity. Mark records that he “fell to the ground” in distress. Luke describes a dangerous condition known as hematidrosis in which,Continue Reading

Prayer and decision-making

Jesus spent time in prayer before he made major decisions. Two occasions bear this out. In the opening days of ministry Jesus was shifting ministry locations (Mark 1:35, 38). If you’ve ever made a move, you know there’s a lot involved in that decision. Jesus had previously moved his ministry operations to Capernaum (Matt. 4:13).Continue Reading

How Jesus overcame self-pity

In the gospel record we find a number of instances where Jesus could have chosen to feel sorry for himself. When we examine the surrounding circumstances and his response, we gain a greater understanding for how we should respond in similar situations to avoid self-pity. Change your role. Our culture prizes being served. Google “pamperContinue Reading

The secret of Jesus’ spirit of submission

Imagine, the perfect man submitting to imperfect authorities. Jesus purposed to do this because of his strong confidence in the sovereignty of his Father. This confidence is best revealed in the most preposterous of all trials. On the eve of his crucifixion Jesus will undergo six trials—three of them Jewish, and three of them Roman.Continue Reading

Lessons learned from the temptation of Jesus

When we face temptation, we would do well to examine the lessons Jesus practiced when he was tempted. Here are four: (1) He was led by the Spirit of God (Matt. 4:1) Matthew records that Jesus was led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness to be tempted. We know that God cannot beContinue Reading

The trials of Jesus — part 2

Jesus could not have been publicly crucified without a trial, but that didn’t mean that the trial would be fair or legal. In fact, it was a great travesty of justice. Consider these ways both the Jews and Romans violated their own laws. The trial was at the wrong time (at night). The trial was inContinue Reading

The trials of Jesus – Part 1

There were six trials that Jesus endured prior to his crucifixion. Three of them were Jewish and three were Roman. Two of them involved the Jewish high priest, Caiphas. Perhaps if Caiphas could have told the story it might have sounded like this. It was harder than we thought it would be. Getting him toContinue Reading

From cheering to jeering…

As we head into the Palm Sunday weekend, perhaps you, like me have always wondered how the people can go from cheering for Jesus one minute to jeering at him the next. The answer, as Dr. Doug Bookman explained, is actually in a four-fold process. (1) Jesus claims to be the King. (2) The peopleContinue Reading

The great willingness of Jesus…

For those who are unfamiliar with the story, I suppose that Jesus Christ might look like a victim in a heinous crime. Jealous religious leaders plot his death. He is lied about. A mob cries for his crucifixion. Political leaders who are more concerned about politics than leadership succumb to the demands of the crowd.Continue Reading