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Tomorrow will be a very special Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for the labor of love from those who make up the church I have the privilege of pastoring. This article was carried in the local paper today.  A vivid reminder that we have a full days work ahead of us tomorrow. Mantua church saves Thanksgiving for hundreds recovering from Hurricane SandyContinue Reading

Thanksgiving and Suffering

I grew up in a church in rural Indiana. As a child I remember the uniqueness of the Sunday night before Thanksgiving. I remember that it was one of the few services that the pastor didn’t preach. Instead I vaguely remember two microphones down front, and that people would just get up and share whatContinue Reading

Thanksgiving that Isn’t Circumstantial

I recognize life has grown increasingly difficult for many of us. Perhaps you are among those who enter this season without a job. You may be wondering where your next meal is coming from. Maybe it’s your health that’s uncertain. While you feel OK the doctor is telling you that’s not what the tests say. I’veContinue Reading