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Biblical Strategies Today Episode 3: The Importance of Scripture Retrieval

Biblical Strategies Today Episode 3: The Importance of Scripture Retrieval

The reason we don’t see our sin as that bad…

One of the downsides of our fallen humanity is that we have a propensity to justify our sin. We do it any number of ways. Here are a few: Justification by blame-shifting: You make me so mad when you do that. Justification by comparison: I know what I did was wrong, but it wasn’t asContinue Reading

Top 10 biblical truths to combat temptation’s lies

The best way to defend against the tempter’s lie is to know God’s truth.  Jesus answered Satan’s temptations with specific scripture. Here are the top ten lies we experience when we’re tempted, and the corresponding biblical truth. The Psalmist said, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”Continue Reading

What you have in common with a fish…

A friend of mine just returned from fly fishing in Arkansas. As I was reviewing some of the basics with him before his departure it reminded me of this passage in James, and how when it comes to sinful temptation we see what we want to see. Let no one say when he is tempted, “IContinue Reading

Lessons learned from the temptation of Jesus

When we face temptation, we would do well to examine the lessons Jesus practiced when he was tempted. Here are four: (1) He was led by the Spirit of God (Matt. 4:1) Matthew records that Jesus was led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness to be tempted. We know that God cannot beContinue Reading

The subtle shift of eyes, desires, and beliefs

The phrase they got away with murder communicates that we believe our sense of justice has been vilified. Whether on the basketball court or the courtroom we think that someone did something wrong, and that they didn’t have to pay. Such a belief nearly led to the undoing of Asaph, the writer of the 73rdContinue Reading

Why it feels like it somebody else’s fault…

Have you ever felt like you only do what you do because somebody else did what they did? In four brief paragraphs author Paul Tripp brings insights that are at once clarifying and convicting.  Read them first, then go read Romans 7:14-25, and then read them again.  While he applies these thoughts to regret inContinue Reading

Analyzing your temptation

I learned a helpful poem when I was younger. But only recently did I begin to use it as an instrument to analyze personal temptations. I had six faithful friends, They taught me all I knew Their names were: how and what and why When and where and who. Next time you find yourself falling toContinue Reading

7 deadly wrongs in 28 words or less

1. Wealth without work 2. Pleasure without conscience 3. Knowledge without character 4. Science without humanity 5. Commerce without morality 6. Worship without sacrifice 7. Politics without principle AUTHOR UNKNOWN Hey. They were only 28 words. Why not read them again?

When a want feels like a need…

Addiction isn’t limited to substance abusers. The mark of an addict is when a want becomes a need – at least in his mind. This is easy to see when one struggles with substance abuse. In those cases our very body responds as if the thing we desired is an actual need. We call that process withdrawal.Continue Reading