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The difference between a peace-maker and peace-keeper…

Peace-making is rarely confused with peace-breaking, but it is often confused with peace-keeping. When I first traveled to Bosnia in 2001 on a humanitarian aid effort I got a good look at peace-keeping. The United Nations had divided up the land between the Bosnians and Serbians. Without a doubt there were heinous crimes committed during their civil war.Continue Reading

Having my heart moved by the world’s need for the gospel…

One of my earliest memories of my grandparent’s house, were the missionary prayer cards taped on the inside door of their kitchen cabinets. Every time you wanted a glass of water you were reminded to pray for the missionaries. When it comes to our responsibility to the share the good news about Jesus with the world, John Piper hasContinue Reading

The truth about how anger works…

I struggle with anger. Perhaps you do too. When I succumb to my anger it feels like I don’t have control over my emotions, thoughts, and choices. It seems like decisions are being made for me. It feels like I’m in a box. But is that reality? The following video illustration helps to clarify. If you are receivingContinue Reading

The Scripture’s Effect on the Mind

Twenty years ago a deeply troubled young man stepped into my office.  He was accompanied by a friend for the sake of encouragement. Together they began to pour out his sad story. When he was in 8th grade he became a victim of sexual abuse at the hand of high school teen. As he hadContinue Reading

When a Pastor Faces a Fork in the Road

If you have pastored at the same place for any length of time you know firsthand some of the hardships in ministry. The unexpected criticism. The weariness of soul. Trying to serve faithfully when your heart may not be in it. Investing countless hours in a life only to have them turn their back on the Lord.Continue Reading

Making Bible Teaching Three-Dimensional

One of the methods I have employed with great effectiveness in teaching is to reproduce the Biblical environment on the stage. At a recent Good Friday service, rather than just tell them about the events, I placed live costumed actors behind a replica of the Lord’s Table. I left the position where the Lord wouldContinue Reading

Moving Them from Listener to Learner

Jesus was an trememdously creative teacher. As Bible teachers we would do well to not simply explain his words, but attempt to emulate his style.  Beacuse I would sometimes receive criticism for teaching differently – i.e. doing something other than simply lecturing the audience; I began to evaluate what methods Jesus used when he taughtContinue Reading

The Art and Science of Teaching with Creativity

There is an art and a science to being creative for the Bible teacher. By using the five presentation tools and interspersing them throughout your Bible lesson your students will not only find it easier to  learn, but you will also hold their attention more effectively.  These are not discovery or study tools per se. They are listed here asContinue Reading

Like a Roaring Lion

We live in a world where lions lay around lazily in the zoo cages. Gettting up for an occasional stretch or yawn. The Bible gives this strong warning though: “Be soberminded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Check out the following videoContinue Reading