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Biblical Strategies Today Episode 3: The Importance of Scripture Retrieval

Biblical Strategies Today Episode 3: The Importance of Scripture Retrieval

Introducing Biblical Strategies Today Podcast

Introducing Biblical Strategies Today Podcast

Starting December 26, 2016 we will launch “Biblical Strategies Today” – a daily 5 minute podcast where Phil Moser shares what the Bible has to say about subjects like anxiety, anger, procrastination, sexual temptation, self-pity and contentment. Watch the 2 minute video to learn what its all about. Subscribe now at the Biblical Strategies YouTubeContinue Reading

Lesson 4: 12th Man Training – Time in the Word- Part 1: Scripture Retrieval

Scripture retrieval is an essential resource for Christian living. To expose temptation’s deception we memorize verses in the lie/truth formula. To weaken temptation’s appeal we learn promises about the character of God and the nature of the gospel. This lesson focuses on the necessity of Scripture memory, and offers a helpful plan for how toContinue Reading

The importance of Scripture memory

This is a brief summary of some work that I’ve been putting together for Scripture memory. Scripture retrieval is an essential resource for Christian living. The resources mentioned in the video are available at

Memorizing the Word

Here’s a question: if the Son of God deemed it necessary to memorize the Scripture to defend himself against temptation, why would we think we’re exempt? Memorize Phrase by Phrase The Scripture provides the method for memorizing its rich truth. Isaiah recorded, “To whom will he teach knowledge . . . For it is preceptContinue Reading

Top 10 promises to memorize

Memorizing verses about the character of God and the nature of the gospel is an effective means to hold temptation at arm’s length. Temptation occurs at the “desire” level (James 1:14) so loving God more changes our desires. I have found the best way to do this is to get to know him better and to growContinue Reading

Why both offense and defense matter…

For several years now I have been memorizing the verses in the Bible with the lie/truth formula. I discover one of temptation’s lies: If it feels right it must be right, and I find the corrosponding biblical truth to memorize: “put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt thoughtContinue Reading

Why is it so hard to memorize Scripture?

The ability of your brain to remember truths is absolutely amazing. Paul Reber, professor of psychology at Northwestern University describes its capacity this way, The human brain consists of about one billion neurons…the brain’s memory storage capacity… is around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes). For comparison, if your brain worked like a digital videoContinue Reading

Help for those struggling with sexual sins–Step3: Prepare for the battle with Scripture

Whenever I counsel people who are struggling with lustful thoughts, I will ask the question, “What Biblical passages have you memorized to help you with the temptation?” In 20 years of speaking to men about this struggle I have yet to meet the man who has pulled from his spiritual arsenal even one memorized verse on sexualContinue Reading

Just say “No” to Temptation with the Scripture

The best way to defend against the tempter’s lie is to know God’s truth. Jesus answered Satan’s temptations with specific scripture. To know your opponent’s modus operandi is essential in any field, but particularly for an NFL quarterback. Sportswriter Pete Prisco explains it best, “Watching film, or tape to be precise, is key to theContinue Reading