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Biblical Strategies Today Episode 5: Repeatability that Shares with Others

Biblical Strategies Today Episode 5: Repeatability that Shares with Others

Introducing Biblical Strategies Today Podcast

Introducing Biblical Strategies Today Podcast

Starting December 26, 2016 we will launch “Biblical Strategies Today” – a daily 5 minute podcast where Phil Moser shares what the Bible has to say about subjects like anxiety, anger, procrastination, sexual temptation, self-pity and contentment. Watch the 2 minute video to learn what its all about. Subscribe now at the Biblical Strategies YouTubeContinue Reading

A Special Thank You to ACBC

To my ACBC friends: Congratulations on 40 years of ministry! I am personally indebted to the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors for their instruction that inspired the writing and ministry of Biblical Strategies. This 60 second video will explain why…

What restoration doesn’t mean

For 22 years Joseph had been in Egypt while his brothers lived daily with the lie they had propagated about his death. For that same time Joseph’s father believed him to be dead, and never stopped mourning for his son. You would have thought that such a restoration would be a great celebration. I’m sureContinue Reading

The importance of framing your worldview

The landscape of our culture’s thought patterns is changing rapidly. You will struggle to grasp how significant those changes are unless you examine their foundations. The following slides will walk you through seven different worldviews that have left a significant impact on our society, and provide you with the Biblical response. J.B. Phillips warned us: DoContinue Reading

Why do I still have unmet desires?

“Why am I hungry, Mamma?” the little boy’s voice pierced the darkness. His mother sighed. “Yahweh has provided manna for us; it comes from God’s very hand.”  “But I’m tired of manna. It’s all we ever have, and it’s not very filling.” Again the mother’s sigh. “You sound just like your father, always wanting what you do not have.”Continue Reading

Three Questions to Prepare for Change

The Christian life is about growing and changing. Three questions are essential. Each question includes a member of the Trinity. Questions #1: What does God think? When Peter attempted to move Jesus away from the suffering of the cross (Matt. 16:21-28) notice Jesus’ admonition. But Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get out of my way,Continue Reading

Remembering that life is a “Y”

Years ago someone introduced me to the benefit of viewing my life through the letter “Y.” That singular image has helped me understand the desires of my heart (and the consequences of following those desires) more than any other image. I continue to use it in discipling, counseling, and with anyone who is willing toContinue Reading

Analyzing your temptation

I learned a helpful poem when I was younger. But only recently did I begin to use it as an instrument to analyze personal temptations. I had six faithful friends, They taught me all I knew Their names were: how and what and why When and where and who. Next time you find yourself falling toContinue Reading

7 deadly wrongs in 28 words or less

1. Wealth without work 2. Pleasure without conscience 3. Knowledge without character 4. Science without humanity 5. Commerce without morality 6. Worship without sacrifice 7. Politics without principle AUTHOR UNKNOWN Hey. They were only 28 words. Why not read them again?