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How Christmas Makes Living Like Jesus Possible

How Christmas Makes Living Like Jesus Possible

Mary fought back the fear rising in her chest. She could feel the muscles in her back tightening uncontrollably. Frightened, she tried to recite the verses she had learned as a child. The contraction subsided, and she rested. There was cause for the fear she felt. Having never known a man, she was about toContinue Reading

Biblical Strategies Today Episode 2: Prayer Centered on God not the Problem

Biblical Strategies Today Episode 2: Prayer Centered on God not the Problem


Introducing Biblical Strategies Today Podcast

Introducing Biblical Strategies Today Podcast

Starting December 26, 2016 we will launch “Biblical Strategies Today” – a daily 5 minute podcast where Phil Moser shares what the Bible has to say about subjects like anxiety, anger, procrastination, sexual temptation, self-pity and contentment. Watch the 2 minute video to learn what its all about. Subscribe now at the Biblical Strategies YouTubeContinue Reading

The importance of framing your worldview

The landscape of our culture’s thought patterns is changing rapidly. You will struggle to grasp how significant those changes are unless you examine their foundations. The following slides will walk you through seven different worldviews that have left a significant impact on our society, and provide you with the Biblical response. J.B. Phillips warned us: DoContinue Reading

Next steps to change

(1) Set short-term goals – Are there short-term goals I need to accomplish this change? (2) Pray specifically – What specific ways do I need to pray for change? With whom can I share these prayer requests? (3) Search biblical resources – Are there other biblical resources that would help me change (i.e. books, media, websites, etc)? (4) DevelopContinue Reading

How the character of God holds self-pity at bay. . .

Living with suffering is hard work; it’s easy to lose your focus. Once your focus is disoriented it becomes difficult to hold self-pity at bay.  Suffering can come in many forms; not all of them physical. Our mind struggles with harsh and critical statements that seem unjustified. Our emotions vacillate between confusion, anger and griefContinue Reading

How Jesus overcame self-pity

In the gospel record we find a number of instances where Jesus could have chosen to feel sorry for himself. When we examine the surrounding circumstances and his response, we gain a greater understanding for how we should respond in similar situations to avoid self-pity. Change your role. Our culture prizes being served. Google “pamperContinue Reading

Self-Pity: Thinking too highly of oneself

Self-pity causes us to see ourselves as better than we really are. We tend to think of self-pity as thinking too poorly of ourselves, but the opposite is true. We are thinking too highly of ourselves. Self-pity is a preoccupation with self. Because it is birthed from the “pride” family of sins, it comes withContinue Reading

How we become prone to self-pity

If you developed a top 10 list for Bible characters, Moses and Elijah would probably make the cut. Men of strong faith, used mightily by God, and respected by the people they served. Yet, both had moments when they struggled, when self-pity took root, and discouragement followed. The biblical accounts of their struggles are helpful,Continue Reading

Avoiding the Dead End Road: Overcoming self-pity

Self pity is best defined as the preoccupation with oneself because your hopes, desires, or expectations have not been realized. It is an unproductive attitude, habit-forming and destructive to our relationships. Still we choose this pattern of thinking as if it were our only option. God revealed his thoughts on self-pity within the opening pagesContinue Reading