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Why Biblical Strategies resources work for college students

We’re really excited to partner this year with Word of Life Bible Institutes in New York, Florida, Canada, Korea, and Uganda. All six of the Biblical Strategies books are a part of their 2015-2016 curriculum! This brief video–prepared for their parents–will explain why Biblical Strategies resources are so beneficial for the college age group.  

A special message for pastors, counselors and spiritual leaders

A special message for pastors, counselors and spiritual leaders

So delighted to welcome pastors from the Shepherd’s conference at Grace Community Church. Here is a brief video that will explain why we believe the biblical strategies materials will be helpful to you in ministry.  

Why do I procrastinate?

Procrastination. At five syllables even the word takes a long time to say. Say it slowly and you’re liable to evoke images of unbalanced checkbooks, people you meant to call back, and honey-do lists that have no end in sight. Each of us has a propensity to put off certain tasks. Perhaps you’re among thoseContinue Reading

Circles of clarification for the anxious heart

Control The inner circle is the circle of control; because it includes the elements over which you are able exercise control and have been given responsibility. You’ll note that it is the smallest circle; there is very little in this life that you and I can actually control. For instance, I can’t control the trafficContinue Reading

Help for the anxious

First Peter 5:7 is one of the sweetest verses in the Bible. Peter recorded this truth for people who were under severe persecution. He writes, “Casting all you anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” We all have the desire to control things that we cannot, and we often forget how deeply God cares forContinue Reading

When your spiritual memory is selective

Taken from Dead-End Desire: biblical strategies for overcoming self-pity. Available at Christian retailers, and the biblical strategies website ( To overlook God’s awesome work in our past and develop a complaining spirit, we need only be selective in the way that we remember the past. We see this tendency in the Numbers 11 narrative:Continue Reading

The importance of Scripture memory

This is a brief summary of some work that I’ve been putting together for Scripture memory. Scripture retrieval is an essential resource for Christian living. The resources mentioned in the video are available at

5 steps to developing a praise journal

The 136th Psalm provides an excellent pattern for developing your personal praise journal. Read the Psalm, purchase a blank journal or notepad and get started. Step 1: Start with the God’s attributes. Psalm 136:1 declares “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.”  Even if you believe your Thanksgiving list might be short, youContinue Reading

When faithfulness meets discouragement

One of the ways that Jesus avoided potential discouragement amidst difficult circumstances was to focus on God’s will. The ultimate test of submission to his Father’s will takes place in the Garden of Gethsemane, where his suffering spirit cries out, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me. Yet notContinue Reading

How to overcome discouragement

The circumstances Jesus faced would have caused the strongest of individuals to feel sorry for themselves. Consider: His own family didn’t believe his message and desired his destruction. When he prayed, he didn’t get the answer he desired. He was betrayed by Judas, a professing friend. He was falsely accused, and unjustly tried. His mostContinue Reading