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The angry man’s belief system–part 3

When it comes to anger, the final belief that needs correcting is: You believe your desires are your rulers. Cain was angry. And the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He had been out done by his younger brother and it didn’t feel right at all. He had always been first in theContinue Reading

The angry man’s belief system–Part 2

When it comes to our anger there are three faulty beliefs that need to be corrected if we hope to be victorious. Belief #1: You believe what feels right must be right. Belief #2: You believe your thoughts have a mind of their own. Belief #3: You believe your desires are your rulers. The secondContinue Reading

The angry man’s belief system: Part 1

When it comes to emotional sins (like anger) we tend to address them on the emotional level. Yet, the more I have studied anger (both for my sake and to help others) I have realized that our struggle with anger is really one of belief before it is one of emotion.  Dealing with it onlyContinue Reading