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Getting the most from the Word

In his excellent book Unlocking the Scriptures, Hans Finszel explains that there are three essential questions we should be asking each time we open the Word of God and study it for ourselves.  Finzel’s questions are built around three key words: observation, interpretation, and application. His three questions are: What do I see? What doesContinue Reading

Pride and humility

The book of Esther in the Bible is fascinating reading.  Although the story took place thousands of years ago, and in a geographical setting far from here, its intrigue and espionage could have been ripped from yesterday’s headlines. To understand the story one simply needs to know a few characters. Ahasuerus is the Persian King,Continue Reading

What Moses learned at the burning bush

The calling of Moses in Exodus 3 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Because the conversation between God and Moses is so lengthy it gives us a look into the Lord’s heart, and it’s easy for us to see our own insecurities in the life of Moses. As you read this chapterContinue Reading

The Big Picture in your Bible Reading-Era 2: The Patriarchs

As you continue reading in the book of Genesis you leave the four events (creation, fall, flood, and nations) of the first 11 chapters behind. The remainder of Genesis comprises the stories of four people (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph). We call them the Patriarchs. The word patriarch means father. We attach this word to the secondContinue Reading

The Big Picture in your Bible Reading–Era 1: Creation

Perhaps you’ve heard it said, “I can’t see the forest for the trees.” Simply put it means that it is easy to get lost in the details of a project and not see the big picture. When it comes to reading a book, that goes back in history some 3,500 years, it is beneficial toContinue Reading

Starting the year with personal Bible study

Imagine that you sensed your physical health was failing. You lacked the stamina that you once had. Your energy level was way down, and you found yourself susceptible to nearly every sickness that crossed your path. Concerned, you visited your family doctor, and he began his exam with some questions. “Are you sleeping well?” “Yes,”Continue Reading

Time with God: The right heart, time, place, and plan

When having an effective quiet time, it’s important to have the right heart, time, place and plan.  If your time with the Lord is lacking, consider which of these four elements could stand a little improvement. Several years ago now I came upon an excellent article by pastor Zach Schlegel on the importance of all fourContinue Reading

Reading through the Bible in a year

As you prepare for the new year I’ve included several Bible reading plans to encourage your time in the Word. They are in PDF format so that you can print them and tuck them in the flyleaf of your Bible for a reminder as you develop the habit of  reading the Bible daily. The six-day format will takeContinue Reading