A new look at the upper room

When most people think of the upper room they think of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting.  A long narrow table, with high-backed chairs, and twelve Europeans at the table. But Da Vinci was about 1600 years late to the event. What was the upper room really like? Why were the disciples arguing? How could they could they not know Judas was the betrayer? The following video will give these answers and more through 3D teaching.

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Running time approximately 15 minutes. For additional study, after watching the video, reread John 13. As you read pay special attention to the interaction between Jesus and the disciples.

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  1. bobveight says:

    Phil, thanks for the illustration and details. Now when I read the gospel accounts, I’ll have the pictures in my head as to the events that took place that night. Outstanding job by the actors keeping still. There were times during the video where I thought they had melded into a backdrop, as they remained motionless like the painting!

    Jesus again teaches so profoundly, with symbolism when he, their Lord and Teacher, takes on the lowest of tasks, and washes their feet. What an example of loving humility he provided them. Then Jesus instructs them on a most fundamental characteristic of being His disciple – displaying the same kind of sacrificial love that He himself showed them.

    “By this all peole will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

  2. Stephanie L. Dickinson says:

    Absolutely loved this rendition of the L-rd’s Final Supper. Beautifully done; aesthetically factual and explained – in detail – very accurately. Thank you, Mr. Moser, for giving me a visual aid which has assisted me in better understanding my precious L-rd’s last hours on this earth.
    Bravo! – and be blessed for sharing these marvelous actors, as well.

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